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Ray Boeche

Assistant Pastor, Adult Education


Birthday: February 28
Education: B. A., Peru State College, Peru, Nebraska (1977) Th.M., St. Mark's School of Divinity, Los Angeles California (1991) Th.D., St. Paul Theological Seminary, Spring Hill, FL (2009) 
Publications: Many of my books and papers are available at rayboeche.academia.edu.
Personal information: Married to Nancy since 1977. No children.  After serving as an ordained pastor for 18 years, I transferred my ministerial credentials from the Reformed Episcopal Church to LCMS via the colloquy process in 2008.
Here at Christ Lutheran Church since: 2007
Contact information: Ray Boeche      Office phone: (402) 483-7774 ext.118
Enjoys: Reading. Movies. Study. Time with Nancy.
Fun fact: Wasn't always bald!
What I love about my position: Watching people grow deeper in faith, stronger in their Christian walk, and hungry for more of God as Scripture comes to life for them.
Bible verse with special personal meaning: Psalm 118:17 - I shall not die but live, and proclaim the works of the Lord.